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“A very successful friend of ours highly recommended J.R. to us and we found him to be easy to work with and very reliable. They have been extremely helpful in every way, always suggesting ways to maximize our impact while keeping costs low. They have kept all promises made and have inspired confidence in what they do and who they are. We would recommend them to anyone looking for affordable pros to do quality work.”
- Steven Levin, Harmony Spring

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About JR Design Works

J.R. started off as a freelance graphic designer back in the year 2000, working “as and when he liked” because that is the nature of a freelancer, with the original name pCmbiz.com. He took every project personally and usually connects with his clients, as his philosophy to creating great design is to “understand” the client and their business.

However, his carefree days were short-lived. Just after 2 years in the industry, his clients couldn’t stop talking about his great work to their friends. Friends try it out for themselves and tell more friends, one thing led to another, until eventually, his freelance job inadvertently transformed into his living.

Succumbing to the words “JR, Work your Magic!, he found it difficult to disappoint his clients whenever he has too many projects to handle. Inevitably, he had to assemble a team of dedicated designers, who share the same vision as he does, and opened a design studio to satisfy the design needs of his ever growing number of clients. Even so, every project that goes through still passes through his hands as he feels that his clients’ satisfaction makes his day!

In 2005, J.R. decided to update his company image from the obscure (not to mention, hard to pronounce) “pCmbiz” to JR Design Works.

J.R. comments, “The most difficult part was deciding on a name. It has to say What We Are to new clients and still portray that our values does not change. We decided on using J.R. in the company name (not because of my ego, haha) but since all of the existing clients can related to this name. I also hope our new clients will find a special connection with a person, instead of just a company, thus enforcing the sincerity that we are personal and dedicated. Of course, "Design Works" speaks for itself.”

Having worked with almost all of his clients over the internet, he felt confident that he will be able to provide great design and services to all his clients this way without neglecting dedication, passion and professionalism. The company website was recently given a new look as you can see now, and boasts a number of new features that will help in streamlining each project.

We believe that our potential clients have the right to know what they are paying for so a lot of information has been put together on this website to make it a truly enriching experience. To reward our valuable clients (something that we have been meaning to do for years), we would like to announce the all new Reward Points system for every project. To learn more, read about it on our Reward Dollar$ page. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee has not changed.

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