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“JR Designworks has been instrumental to the success of my new business. As an educator turned entrepreneur, I required the assistance of a designer who'd have patience as we explored options together. JR and his team patiently listened to my concerns, offered their expert advice and created a website for me that I am now, very proud of. These are people who not only know what they are doing but they truly care -- Their unswerving commitment and dedication has been so appreciated.”
- Mark Greenwald, Healthy Living

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4-Step Process

Step 1: Understanding Your BusinessStep 2: Receive and ReviewStep 3: Work With Us on RevisionsStep 4: Finalize and Receive Your Files

Every graphic project is different but this will give you an insight to our working process when working on your promotional materials. Our 4-step process is designed to be easy, comprehensive and yet provides everything you need for the perfect finish.

Step 1: Understanding Your Business

This is the most crucial part of the whole design process as it helps us understand your business and ideas for the design. When you place your order, we will reply with an order confirmation and a short questionnaire (in plain English) which has some crucial questions that will help the both of us communicate initial ideas and suggestions. In addition, if you have corporate materials such as logo files, photos (if any) and text copy you wish to include, it will be helpful to send them so we can proceed with Step 2.

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Step 2: Receive and Review

Brochure Concepts SampleAfter receiving your questionaire, we will start working on your customized design concepts which will be ready in 3-5 business days. These will be sent as attachments through email for your review and comments.

A concept is a representation of your business idea for the promotional item. Each concept will show different ways of interpreting your business ideals and goals for the company like layouts, colors and overall style.

You will be asked to pick your favorite design concept and tell us honestly what you like or dislike about each design. You can also ask for an additional concept after the first round of concepts if you feel they are not in the correct direction, this is part of our satisfaction guarantee.

The concept that you pick is not necessarily the final product that you will be receiving as it will be further refined through revisions in Step 3.

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Step 3: Work With Us on Revisions

Revised Brochure Concept SampleA revision consists of changing text, fonts, colors or images in the effort to create the perfect piece of work.

Using your comments on the chosen concept, we will refine the design so that it is closer to what you envision it to be. The revisions will be sent to you within 2 business days via email for additional feedback.

We might be lucky and get it right the first time, or we can go forward with several more rounds of revisions until you are completely satisfied.

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Step 4: Finalize and Receive Your Files

Final Brochure SampleOnce a final design has been chosen, we will send you the final print-ready files in various formats such as AI, EPS, and PDF. These files are ready to be used and can be sent to your printer or publisher.

A web-optimized PDF version is included for every catalog, brochure and flyer project so you can distribute them online too.

In addition, opt to get your files on a CD as they can be very large in size, which can be an issue with slower connections. Besides being a reliable backup, the CD will also be a convenient medium for you to send your files to your printer.

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