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“A very successful friend of ours highly recommended J.R. to us and we found him to be easy to work with and very reliable. They have been extremely helpful in every way, always suggesting ways to maximize our impact while keeping costs low. They have kept all promises made and have inspired confidence in what they do and who they are. We would recommend them to anyone looking for affordable pros to do quality work.”
- Steven Levin, Harmony Spring

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1. Why choose a full-service design firm?
JR Design Works is a full-service design firm. This means we have experienced designers for every aspect of your design need and do not outsource this work to third-party designers. We maintain the same look and feel throughout, thus forming a stronger brand image for your business.

2. What is the difference between Type, Symbol and Illustrative logos?
You may have noticed that our Professional package is limited to only 2 styles of logos while our Business, Enterprise and Corporate packages allow you to choose from all 3 choices. A Type or Typography logo consists of a logo composed of only text by creating the most suitable and charactertistic type to set you apart. A Symbol or Icon logo contains a mark or sign that is unique and represents the company in a more stylized and abstract way. The best way to describe an Illustrative logo is a cartoon, comic art, realistic line art or even photo composition that literally describes the company in a visual manner. Below are some examples of logos that belong in each different category. If you are not entirely sure, feel free to consult us.

Type Logo ExampleSymbolic Logo ExampleIllustrative Logo Example

3. How can I work with JR Design Works completely over the Internet?
You do not have to learn anything new. Here’s how you can work with us without ever leaving your desk. At the start of each project, we will send a questionnaire though email which will allow us to gain valuable insight to your company’s ideals and goals. Concepts and revisions will be sent in a document as an attachment in your email. Enter your replies in the document, attach it and send it back to us. Once you are completely satisfied with the logo design, we will provide a link to download the final deliverables. If your package does not already include, you may also choose to have a CD package with your final deliverables couriered to you for $50.

4. How do I order and pay for my logo design package?
Before you order your logo, you might want to contact us to discuss the best package for your needs and clarify any questions which you may have. After which, simply click the "Order Now!" button and you will be redirected to a secure payment page where you enter your credit card details or indicate that you prefer another payment methods like PayPal or eCheck. When a project is finalized and completed, the outstanding balance will be automatically charged to your credit card and you will receive an invoice through email.

5. Are there any extra charges or hidden fees I should know about?
ALL our prices are stated clearly on our website and price sheet. If it's a custom quote, we will state what is included usually in our Live Chat or email. If you request for additional items, we will inform you of the additional costs before commencing work. When you work with us, be rest assured that you will not be billed for any extra charges which you did not agree to.

6. How long does the logo design process take?
Each logo design project is different and unique but it typically takes 1 – 3 weeks for completion. This timeline may also be affected by the client’s response time therefore we do suggest that you allocate time to review your logo so as to achieve prompt and effective results.

7. What formats will I get my logo in and how do I use them?
You will receive both web and print-ready formats which you can use in any ways. These 5 formats are AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS (Vector File), TIFF (High Resolution), JPG (Web-Optimized) and GIF (Web-Optimized). A basic Logo Guide which provides more details and suggestions on how to use each format is included with every logo.

8. What is a Vector File and why should my logo be in this format?
When you have a logo, undoubtly you would like it to be flexible so you can use it in as many types of media as possible. Vector art, such as logos created in Adobe Illustrator, will allow your logo to scale from XS (printing tiny labels) to XXXL (advertising on billboards) without losing quality, how cool is that? In reproducing your logo, you can also be assured that no quality is lost. This is why you should insist that your logo source file be a vector format file.

9. What is a logo concept?
A logo concept is a representation of your business idea. Each concept will show different ways of interpreting your ideals and goals for the company.

10. What is a logo revision?
From a basic logo concept, there will be many ways of graphically presenting a preferred idea and that’s where a revision comes in. A logo revision includes variations of fonts, colors, layouts, styles and other elements to find the best match for your logo.

11. What should I do if I do not like the designs after several revisions?
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied and wish to have your payment refunded, simply let the designer in charge of your project know about the reason for your dissatisfaction and we will process a refund in accordance to our Satisfaction Guarantee.

12. What if I already have a logo but wish to recreate or update it?
JR Design Works expert designers can recreate your logo or update it. See our packages for add-ons, or if you have a special request that is not listed, feel free to contact us for a quote.

13. What is included in your Stationery Set?
Your Stationery Set, standalone or with a logo, includes a Business Card (up to 3 different names), a Letterhead in print-ready and doc formats, a Fax Cover in doc format and an Envelope in print-ready formats. Some packages may have a Powerpoint template included or added as well and this includes the Powerpoint cover and slide designs.

14. Why get JR Design Works to design your Stationery as well?
The importance of creating the same look and feel throughout all your items should not be underestimated. This consistency will work together to form a stronger brand image and make your business more prominent to potential customers. As we have designed your logo, there is no better candidate to design your stationery that works in harmony with your logo!

If we haven’t answered your question, do not hesitate to contact us now!

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