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“If it is a Logo that you need, your search is over. J. R. and the crew are Pure Professionals. They will not sleep until you have it your way. The first draft that was sent was just about on the money. In fact after we asked for some changes we went full circle back with their original draft. The wind up was a little tweaking to the original draft that was first sent to us. Communications could not be any better. They were on top of any issues or changes in a flash. The quality of the work is the best. We are talking super talent here. We will be back for another 10 Star Project! J.R. please feel free to use our project in your portfolio.”
- Toothbrush School

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4-Step Process

Step 1: Understanding Your BusinessStep 2: Template Design and RevisionsStep 3: Content Layout and RevisionsStep 4: Finalize and Receive Your Files

Based on our extensive experience in website design, we have streamlined our web design packages’ process to just 4 basic steps. We have made it easy, comprehensive and this will give you a general idea in what is involved when designing your website.

Step 1: Understanding Your Business

This step helps us understand your business and ideals for the website. When you place your order, we will reply with an order confirmation and a short questionnaire (in plain English) which has some crucial questions that will help us understand what are your website needs, strategies and focus.

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Step 2: Template Design and Revisions

Upon receiving your responses in the questionnaire, we will start working on your template design and the concepts will be ready in 3-5 business days.

Template Design SampleYour template design is the general look around the content as highlighted here (left) in orange and will be sent as attachments through email for your review and comments. You will be asked to be very honest on what you generally like or dislike about each design and we will proceed with revising the preferred idea.

When you have expressed your confirmation on the final design that you would like to go with, we will proceed to Step 3.

Each web design project is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

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Step 3: Content Layout and Revisions

Site Content SampleWith your template design completed in Step 2, we will now integrate the site content to complete your html pages. The site content is an area for your main copy and images as highlighted here (right) in orange.

The html pages will be uploaded onto our server so you can have a look at the full working website. If you have additional requirements like Shopping Cart, CMS (Content Management System) or Custom Development, we will also setup the necessary files and database on our server so you can experience the interactivity of your website. We will undertake a process of feedback and revisions until you are completely satisfied with the final website.

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Step 4: Finalize and Receive Your Files

Final Website SampleYour final website files will include HTML, CSS, PSD (Adobe Photoshop) source files, etc. If you are hosting with us, we will be able to activate your website immediately.

Once your website is completed, it is time to start thinking of ways to let people know of your presence online! We recommend setting up a marketing campaign using printed materials such as postcards, flyers and brochures or using online search engines to advertise your website.

We will be available for a lifetime if you require any ongoing support and maintenance.

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